PC Repair

hardware expertComputer Repairs and Upgrades
I focus on computer repairs and upgrades only. I do not sell computers! From set up’s, clean installs, virus removal, spyware removal and general clean ups. To home or small office networking. You’ll be amazed at how much faster your computer will run once it’s set up properly!

Wi-Fi Networking Solutions
Installation of the new 802.11 N or AC networking standards. If you have a high speed internet connection and more than one computer in the house, this is the best way to share that connection without the hassle and fuss of running Cat 6 cabling all over the place.

Networking Advantages:
Wireless printers, print and file sharing, network storage solutions, Blue Ray, Bluetooth, WiDi . Mapping network drives.

Data Recovery and Backup Services
Retrieve data off working hard drives and back up data to a variety of medium including flash drives DVD+RW, CD-R, CDRW, or external storage units.

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